Extended Warranties in Texas

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Texas Auto Warranties

If you are reading this, it means you are taking the responsibility to learn, to protect yourself and to make your own judgment about how to do so for yourself and your vehicle. In some states, consumers are almost counseled to leave these matters to their political leaders, as if that were any longer a guarantee of fairness or transparency. The fact is, if you are in the market for auto warranties in Texas, there is a proud state tradition of individual responsibility that is now being backed up by sensible legislation to protect the state’s consumers.

At times, Texas individualism has bumped up against the more modern, progressive impulse to give government the power to rule on private transactions, like buying cars and extended vehicle warranties. However, as Texas consumers learn to strike the proper balance between individualism and cooperation, great strides are being made in consumer protection laws, which is good for business and good for you.

In Texas, all mechanical issues with your vehicle are covered by both state and federal Lemon Laws. They cover slightly different things, and often cover them in different ways, but in general you may be entitled to compensation for breach of warranty if you have one of the following situations:

  • There is warranty time left from the original manufacturer coverage. This would be the case with almost every used car sold with less than 36,000 miles on the odometer, although you may have even more time with cars that come with 100,000-mile warranties.
  • Your purchased your vehicle as a “manufacturer certified” used car, typically meaning a one-year warranty.
  • You got extended coverage backed by the manufacturer.

Some portions of the various laws deal with manufacturer’s dealerships only, and some apply to third parties selling coverage separately. In addition, sometimes cases will fall outside one or the other of the state and federal laws, but auto warranties in Texas receive additional scrutiny from consumer protection agencies, both public and private.

The bottom line is that you need to educate yourself on all facets of the available protections, and this is what any reputable warranty provider wants you to do. If you are shopping for warranties and the salesperson will not let you read the actual policy, you need to go elsewhere (and fast!).

By getting information about warranty plans from the providers, you can compare them to state and federal guidelines. This is the only way to ensure that you will be informed enough to protect yourself. Yes, you do have recourse if something goes wrong, as detailed above, but why even let it get to that point? Get the warranty plan information today so you can be an empowered consumer, not a target for the unscrupulous.

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