Extended Warranties in Massachusetts

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Massachusetts Auto Warranties

Residents of Massachusetts are typically quite proud of the active role their state government takes to protect consumers. In recent years, both major political parties have moderated their knee-jerk pro- and anti-business stances to craft legislation that both protects consumers and allows competition and good business practices to help determine the best kinds of auto warranties in Massachusetts.

Even better, the state has been assisted by private consumer-protection groups in the dissemination of accurate information about the rights and responsibilities of both consumers and such warranty providers as manufacturers, dealerships and third-party firms. Auto warranties in Massachusetts are varied and wide-ranging, allowing coverage for people at all economic levels and solidifying protections for all. The bottom line in Massachusetts is fairness and choice.

There are four types of auto warranties in Massachusetts, with coverage determined by the age and mileage of your vehicle. At the very least, extended warranty plans in the state have to cover the engine, transmission and drive train. The four types of auto warranties in Massachusetts are:

  • The Massachusetts new car warranty (bumper-to-bumper): This is an exclusionary policy, meaning it covers so much that it is easier just to list the items not covered (therefore, excluded). GPS and emissions equipment coverage is largely optional, but wear and tear coverage is specifically included.
  • The Massachusetts used car warranty: This is an inclusionary, as opposed to exclusionary, policy, and will specifically list the covered items. In addition to the engine, transmission and drive train, this can mean the steering system, drive axle, electrical parts, etc., so read the list thoroughly. GPS and emissions coverage, once again, is optional, as is wear and tear coverage.
  • The Massachusetts older car warranty: Again, this is an inclusionary policy, generally covering the same components as #2, above. However, take the time to read the entire list so you are completely informed.
  • The Massachusetts power train warranty: This covers the required major components, but you can also add optional coverage for wear and tear and other specified items.

For complete explanations of coverage, there are numerous state and private Web sites that can assist you with both the actual language of the laws and plain-English summaries. All of these resources are offered in hopes that you will be an informed, and therefore empowered, consumer. Every legitimate warranty provider should be completely comfortable with consumers asking questions about auto warranties in Massachusetts. Your empowerment can start right now with a request for our plan specifics.

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