Extended Warranties in Alabama

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Alabama Auto Warranties

Auto warranties in Alabama have multiple levels of legal oversight, and various agencies of the state work hard to protect consumers. For vehicle owners and buyers, there is the Lemon Law covering self-propelled vehicles (in other words, no trailers, etc.). The law gives them recourse when the car, truck or van turns out to be of irreparably poor quality. However, vehicle owners have additional protections in Alabama that make shopping for extended warranties, as well as choosing types of coverage, a safe and predictable activity.

Alabama protects purchasers of many goods and services with a cool-off period, typically three days, at the consumer’s discretion. Some of these extra protections in Alabama state law originated with federal statutes, which states have used and models and often expanded for even greater consumer safeguards. There are also basic contract laws in Alabama requiring that parties to a contract make good on all promises, risking lawsuits for breach if they do not. However, in some historically high-pressure situations, such as buying from telemarketers or at car dealerships, legislators have tried to even the playing field for consumers by enacting laws with additional protective features.

Multiple Protections

In Alabama law, these protections normally have been applied to contracts involving the sort of forceful sales tactics often used in homes sales and refinancing, gym memberships, vehicle equity loans, weight loss plans, many sorts of Internet purchases and third-party auto warranties. In these businesses, the extra attention being paid by state regulators and consumer protection agencies has resulted in a much safer, more transparent market for many transactions, including auto warranties in Alabama.

When you are ready to shop for vehicle coverage in Alabama, you can feel secure that you have the power and protection of the state behind you as you collect information and review various plans. Any reputable warranty provider will gladly provide you with the entire verbiage of any contract for you to study, compare with others or even ask a consumer protection agency about. When you get ready to buy one of the plans, you will enjoy all the protections of general business law, specific insurance regulations, consumer laws and even federal statute covering auto warranties in Alabama and the other 49 states, as well.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, and extended protection for your car, truck or van cannot be purchased if you wait until you need it. Get ahead of fate and protect your vehicle while you can, and in doing so, rest assured that you are protected, too.

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