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Get the most out of every mile. Knowing your car will be protected by a top quality 5 Star extended auto warranty turns every trip into a worry-free adventure. As your car ages, keep cruising the fast lane and protect your investment against mechanical stress, faulty manufacturing and expensive repairs by purchasing extended auto warranty protection from 5 Star. Our experienced service department will be there to help you stay on the road through every mile.

Getting Up to Speed

5 Star gives you the facts (and fiction) about extended warranties and vehicle service contracts.

  • The 3 year / 36,000 mile bumper-to-bumper manufacturer’s warranty that your car came with can be extended beyond the original 3 years by purchasing an extended service contract through 5-Star Warranty. Once the contract is in place, mechanical malfunctions or faulty parts covered by your service agreement can be repaired at any ASE certified mechanic or dealership. If you experience a problem, drive your car or have it towed to your choice of mechanic, present your service agreement and your mechanic will contact 5 STAR to arrange payment.

  • There are many different kinds of service contracts ranging from powertrain coverage to bumper-to-bumper (comprehensive) coverage. Every auto warranty contract has a specific list of covered components so it is important to read your contract carefully before purchase, to ensure that you are buying exactly the coverage you need. Auto Warranty service contracts usually include major mechanical systems and exclude cosmetic items like upholstery and paint.

    For your contract to remain valid, you must perform all routine maintenance specified in your vehicle owner’s manual and keep accurate records and receipts for all work that is completed on your vehicle. This will prevent any claim from getting denied due to vehicle neglect or failure to complete necessary maintenance. Your car will perform at its greatest capacity and our service professionals will thank you.

  • In our business, quality is defined by the satisfaction of our customers. We are here to bring you a great product backed by outstanding service—providing you with the ability to hit the road however and whenever you want.

More about Extended Auto Warranties

At 5 Star Warranty we feel that you need the best protection and the best advice and that's why we offer both. From our discount extended auto warranty plans to our FAQ section and expert advice - we want to help you find the car warranty that suits your needs at a competitive price that suits your warranty budget.

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